I am having the worst week for stress

I pretty much haven’t stopped all week. Trying to juggle about 4 coursework deadlines, work, gym and trying not to eat complete crap too often (okay I ate a pie for dinner tonight and damn it was a delicious pie at that)

It’s hard. I’m tired. My parents are getting worried because I haven’t had a chance to ring them. I just handed in a really meh lab report, and I think I’m going to see a GP to check my exhaustion isn’t excessive because to be honest I think my sense of what is normal for being tired is a little blown out of proportion.

I have spent about 3 nights this week in a computer lab so I feel like I am probably actually burning the candle a bit too hard at the moment.

gonna learn programming basics this semester.

Actually kinda excited?

It’s proper wintery-like here. I made a tiny snowman :)

4 exams down, 1 to go, that’s a big relief. I am so tired out right now and it feels so good to think that I have only one exam left and it isn’t until Thursday.

Woke up to go to particle mechanics lecture.

Check lecture timetable to see subject.

Subject is hazards.

I go back to bed for another 3 hours to work on my lab report and just read the damn notes.

University of Nottingham slogan: “We have geese.”

Sometimes my housemates stop being dicks for 5 seconds and are actually rather lovely.


I guess this means I finally made it through my first year of uni…?

99 Things To Do Before You Leave University

Time to embark on an all nighter.

Awkward moment when I realise that two days isn’t actually enough to revise for my geology exam.

It just feels like enough in comparison to the one day I had to revise for each of my first 4 exams.

I need to stop being such a terrible student.

…this was not my fault.

Note to self: don’t rely on already having done these labs last year.

Last year I left all my labs until the weekend they were to be handed in.

Also I was trippin’ tits on cancer.

Thankfully, I just went to submit a (frankly, pile o’ poop standard) report online, and saw “Submission deadline: 5th March”

I thought it was in for midnight. Hurrah for surprise extra time!

I have so much work to catch up on, it’s not even funny any more.

Should not be this reluctant to start writing this lab report. I have to hand it in on Tuesday so really it needs to be done on Sunday night (surgery at 7am Monday ugh ugh ugh). But really, I did this exact same lab report last year. I did a terrible job of it seeing as I left it until the day before having to hand in 6 lab reports at once. I know, clever. It was also a fortnight before I got diagnosed, but I’m still gonna blame my terrible efforts mostly on laziness…
There’s this report and also the 5+ days of lectures I’m missing to catch up on. Yay me.
I just got my new headphones, I’m worried about how long these ones are going to last because they’re so delicate. Hopefully they last because oh my. I can hear all these lovely things the old ones just couldn’t pick up on. It’s like hearing all my music again for the first time.

So it’s quarter past 11 and I have made no effort to get ready to go to London tomorrow.

I hate packing.

Obviously the surgery is necessary. Anything that’s not quite right and still inside of me, I want out of me. Not really looking forward to the pain and having a shiny and probably very visible new scar on my collarbone. Or feeling like a cancer patient again, even just a little bit.

Also, having the surgery at this time has turned out to be a real pain in the ass. I’m missing a load of work that I’ll need to try and keep up with, and I’ve been running around getting hold of various forms that I need to get me out of doing labs (that are only being run for the week that I’m away).

Keep having to explain to people why I’m going away for the week, that’s always fun.

I’m beginning to feel a bit like I’m treading water on this course. If my memory doesn’t sort itself the fuck out, I don’t know how I’ll survive next year, and maybe I’ll have to think of a back-up plan. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing if engineering doesn’t work out. I really want it to work out.