As soon as I get in bed, the dog is right here heckling me to let him curl up under my duvet. Poor thing gets cold and my resolve is weak. It’s rather like having a giant furry hot water bottle. That occasionally turns over onto it’s back with it’s feet in the air…

He always tunnels under the duvet and sleeps like this, with his back up against my left leg.


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Ah this happened a few too many times…




This is exactly how my alarm looks like! :O

Story of my life.

Honestly, I thought I was the only one who verbally abused themselves through alarm names.

LOL i do this, except telling myself to go to the gym


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It’s a beautiful morning, and I’m off to the hospital

To see the oncologist, and my mum and dad. First consultation, hopefully he’ll be able to tell us how things will be in the next few months.

I didn’t sleep a wink last night, this is becoming a recurring thing :(

Do I really want to be up looking at centrifugal pumps at this hour.

No, I do not. However, I fell asleep at 10pm after doing no work, then woke up fully clothed with the lights on at 3am.

Need to fix sleep patterns so they don’t involve badly timed naps.



Have pretended to have fallen asleep hours ago cuddling my laptop rather than reveal that I was actually playing the Sims 3 at 5am.


Choosing all three is an impossible utopia.


Or you can forgo all three and get a Tumblr?

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Cairo being weird.

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I am a highly caffeinated individual.

We had some pretty awesome lectures today.

Shame I was too drained to appreciate it properly.

  • maths guy told us to refer to xkcd to learn cross products. He is now awesome in my books for now.

  • Geology was cool. Lecturer wields a 3m long bamboo cane to point at stuff on the board. We also did a section on cleavage: (yeah, not that kind of cleavage, but I struggled to suppress giggling anyway)
  • Chemistry was eye opening, after covering a section on the world’s water supply and arsenic contamination in Bangladesh drinking water. Do look it up, although be warned that you may come across some disturbing images:

Now I feel like death, my uterus is caning like a mofo, and I want to sleep for a very long time. But I do have apple crumble which is a small consolation.

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