Awkward moment when I realise that two days isn’t actually enough to revise for my geology exam.

It just feels like enough in comparison to the one day I had to revise for each of my first 4 exams.

I need to stop being such a terrible student.

…this was not my fault.

I just ordered me a new shirt (seriously, I have been hankering after this one for years and it’s on sale, yay!)

One hour to get packed.

Accomplished today so far:


Unless you count having a symbolic last free-food fry up. And wasting time on the internets. And sleeping.











It really pisses me off that 17000 people liked/reblogged the photo underneath.

So I made this.


“unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditoining” okay thats cool if you wanna be blind and die of heat in the summer. no one will miss you you piece of worthless shit.

WTF. Number seven is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read >.> I mean, all of these are incredibly stupid, but damn… Actually, it’s tied with number four… Actually, nevermind. Fuck all this shit.

stupidest shit I’ve ever read, the person that made that list can fuck them selfs, dumb ass horse fucking cunts.

The list underneath was meant to be sarcastic. You guys are dumb and take everything so seriously. 

Hold on, number 7. If straight parents raise straight children, where the fuck did gay people come from then? If you’re gonna put a homophobic rule book out there, then atleast take theory into account.

The list underneath is sarcastic, I thought it came across pretty strongly.

You people are dense.

The fact that people actually thought that this list is serious makes me lose my faith in humanity.

Just… oh my god. You people are so fucking stupid it hurts.


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When you’re sick, and you’re taking cough medicine in front of your mom, don’t take it like a shot. #LFMF


Just failed

…to deliver a segment of satsuma from the table in front of me to my mouth. Probably gonna fail the exam I have in an hour as well, then?

Btw, this was the exact moment I poured coffee all over my desk while trying to capture my gollum-like addiction.

Smooth and classy.