Watch this because

a) this is Ed and he is fab

b) piano skillz

c) it’s called The Condom Song.

Jesus sings “I Will Survive”. Featuring my friend Ed, who likes to write some fairly spiffy musical comedy. I’m fairly sure this man belongs in the seventies.




Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cancer comedy 50/50 gets a trailer

The first trailer for cancer comedy 50/50, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has landed online.

The film is loosely based on the real-life experience of screenwriter Will Reiser, as JGL’s happy-go-lucky 27-year-old, Adam, is struck down in his prime by the big C.

It’s not as grim as all that sounds though, with the comedic snarkiness bringing a refreshing edge to what could have been ‘TV movie of the week’ material.

While it may be too risky for awards season, it looks like it’ll give Gordon-Levitt another boost on the path to becoming one of the most consistently impressive actors of his generation.

I’m really wondering what sort of tumor they say he had.
I vote oligodendroglioma. 

SOOOOOOOOO going to see this and ^^^ I agree Chris ;)

I’ve never heard of this film but ^^ same here.

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I die every time I watch this. Every fucking time. 

Margaret Cho is the greatest stand up comedian ever. XD 

She’s such a BAMF.

Josie Long just RT-ed about my justgiving page





This very accurately describes the situation in my cupboard currently. 

My spices get to see the outside world way more often than is statistically normal…except for star anise. Poor old star anise.

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DSC_0184 (by Jon Appleyard)

Andi Osho is awesome

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Today I have learnt that gin, beer and 9am starts make for a terrible combination.

Seriously I think the alcohol is seeping through my pores 15 or so hours later.
Aaaaand I’m fairly sure there’s photo evidence out there. Wooo.

Improv (which I was sober for) was fabulous.

Going to watch my uni’s improv group tonight like fuck yeah.

Friend wants promotion using new fangled interwebs, I give him new fangled interwebs promotion!