Plaid Ponderings: Thoughts of a Lezz: Okay, so you're 10 years old, you have a laptop, iPod, Facebook and a Blackberry... Dude when I was 10 I had pokémon...




its not like there have been technological advances in the past decade.


Fuck technological advances.

Do you know how fucking frustrating it is to try and run a summer camp where you have to teach middle school kids how to play fucking four square and…

I was a lucky kid because I had an IT teacher parent and we had internet. Dial-up, while coming with cruddy connection speed was maybe a good thing for me because you REALLY had to limit use to like half an hour or you’d just be blocking the phone line.

I’m not sure epic amounts of computer time is a good thing for kids under 10. If I sure as hell don’t want kids on the internet for the amounts of time I currently spend, does that make me a massive hypocrite?

Technological advance that has happened in a decade kinda scares me sometimes.

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