Carnaby Street at Christmas! So pretty.

My mum isn’t very good at cameras.

I am never trying to cram so much stuff into 24 hours again.

This is long and you probably shouldn’t bother reading.

At 3pm yesterday I was in a chemistry lab analysing a bunch of nitrate solutions to build calibration curves. Then I packed up and met my housemate to hand my lab gear to him and got myself on a bus to the station.

I got a train from Nottingham to London, attempted to do some vector calculus coursework on the way, and arrived at 6:20.

I went from Kings Cross to KOKO in Camden (stopping by the ticket office to link my oyster card to my railcard BECAUSE I LITERALLY JUST REALISED THAT IS A THING YOU CAN DO)

I joined the queue for the Amanda Fucking Palmer show.

I engaged in some lovely conversation with other people in the queue and we all made a lot of noise when AFP emerged from the tourbus 3 metres in front of us.

I started to get a bit edgy about the whereabouts of the other ticket holder who was nowhere to be found.

I walked inside the venue at which point I discovered that leaving wasn’t permitted and also my beloved Wonder Woman bag promptly broke.

I found myself a spot in the crowd and chatted to other nice people who had glitter. I got a fair dosage of glitter myself. I still had no idea where my other ticket holder was.

I enjoyed some excellent warm up acts, all announced by AFP herself (who apologised for “ruining the climax of the show” and requested that when she actually came on “could we at least fake it?”). I finally decided to bring in the back up (original) person to take my second ticket. She high tailed it across London and arrived about 3 minutes before AFP came on the stage.


It was a fantastic gig. She’s almost a better artist live than recorded because you are getting 110% raw energy off the band. There were hilarious and heartbreaking moments. There was a point where she went sailing over our heads.

The show also had a whole load of special guests including Richard O’Brien singing the Time Warp, Scroobius Pip and Neil Gaiman accompanied by an orchestra of musical saws.

It ended with the band on the balcony over our heads singing an acoustic/megaphone edition of Want It Back, lit by the torches of the crowd.

It was possibly the best gig I have ever been to and well worth the ridiculous amounts of effort. My 24 hours was far from over at this point.

I made my way back to my friend’s house arriving at about 1am. I made an inappropriate amount of fuss over her cats, ate a dinner of yogurt and then collapsed into bed. Woke up at 6am, ate a breakfast also of yogurt and left her house at 6:30am. Got my 7:30 train back to Nottingham, tried and failed to do more coursework and ended up asleep on the table with a post it on me saying “please wake me when I get to Grantham”

Arrived in Nottingham, got the bus home, rapidly assembled gym kit and uni stuff and got straight back out the door to make my meeting with my coursework group. Did two hours of coursework and then biked to the gym, worked out (I’m pretty sure some glitter came off me as I was doing squats), biked home, showered, biked back on to campus to get to my STEM ambassador’s induction. Squirrelled away as much free food as I could get away with at the end (there was a buffet and I have 51p left in my bank account right now so I can vaguely justify doing that), came home, collapsed.

I just woke up to make myself dinner, and managed to pour milk into my pasta rather than into my tea. I am 100% done with today.


London, 1940s, in hi-res color: These photographs were taken using Kodachrome film by Chalmers Butterfield, probably in 1949.

(via thatonewannabechef)

First time at G-A-Y Heaven last night!

Cairo travelling on a London bus.

Ivan’s House busk outside Liverpool St. Station at a Street Piano in London!

They got a really awesome crowd, right at the end they got shut down because they were still on station property and some people who’d being watching stepped in to defend them!

I love these guys, they’re awesome friends of mine and they make pretty decent sounds too.

My friend and a random stranger jamming on one of London’s street pianos.

Not sure whether going to Pride tomorrow or not.

I have no one to march with. Think I might just drop into my friend’s Pride party tomorrow evening.

First time I haven’t attended Pride since my first time 6 years ago.

Who wants to go see Amanda Palmer with me in London in October?

She’s playing KOKO. I mean if no one gets back to me I’m going to casually buy a ticket and go by myself because it’s been too long since I’ve been to a really awesome gig.

I would also consider the Manchester gig.

Opinions needed!

Do I get a tattoo from Charissa (consultation in a couple of weeks, tattoo around June) or do I go for Matt (year long waiting list, probably expensive but holy shit just look at the art)

They’re both from the same shop, I just can’t decide what to do. I like some of Charissa’s work but other bits look kinda off…maybe some are from earlier on than others, I don’t know. Everything that Matt has done is incredible but I’m damn impatient! Help?

Excited train is excited (!!)

It’s snowing in London. But it’s a fairly pathetic excuse for snow.

First Out is closing down.

Only my favourite queer café and hang out in all of London :(

100 Years Of London Fashion And Dance

Ivan’s House is a band/music project what my friends done. Recently they got kicked out of a gig right before they were going to go on because a couple of the members are under 18. This didn’t stop them, instead they took the gig to the streets of London!