Eating supernoodles, drinking red wine and feeling sorry for myself.

Because I’m too ill to go to Frank Morton.

That being the 50th anniversary of the national Chemical Engineering sports day being held at my University for the first time in years.

I spent my entire morning trying to make 19 netball teams play all 4 of each of their matches at the right place at the right time. 3/4 of the other stewards had bailed out, and we had no umpires or bibs, and I was the only one on the stewarding team who actually knew how to play netball. It was ridiculous.

After 5 hours outside in the cold with nowhere to sit down and half my time yelling at the top of my lungs and being asked questions I couldn’t answer, I came home exhausted. Then a fever sprung up and now I’m aching all over and I feel nauseous while my class are in town on the free Frank Morton bar crawl, drinking and having an awesome time.

I just want to curl up and hibernate for a couple weeks now.

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