Hospital Round Up

So I had my consultation today. It was okay, but not great. The PET scan showed no change, but also no improvement. There was lymph node activity, but whether that is down to cancer or just a minor cough at the time of the scan, we can’t tell. I might have to have a biopsy or a second surgery of the lymph node tumour under my left collar bone. Also my CA-125 tumour marker has gone up, from 4 to 25. Max normal is 32, but it’s a 5-fold increase and none too reassuring. I should hear about today’s blood test result tomorrow over the phone, and I’ve got another appointment to go to in December.

On the plus side, I came home (with olive oil, lime cordial, curry paste, mango chutney and a tupperware full of applesauce clanking in my bag) and everyone had decorated the house while I was away. We even have a christmas tree. Everything is festive and nothing hurts!

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